Welcome to my Web site.

I will keep a list of domains that hold the keys to good customer service and good pricing.

Many things needed can be located here.

domains to view.

need your yard cleaned up from your dogs      Gotpoop.ca

need to have your vehicle worked on                 TandAservices.ca

Learn Martial arts or self defense                        innerdragonkungfu.com

Re roofing or new roofing                                         Reshingle.ca

Pressure washing exterior building                    HotPressure.ca

Parking lot Maintenance, lot Sweeping,

Infrared pot hole repair, Line painting,

Lawn Maintenance, Fertilizer weed control.      EliteCompanies.ca

I have Personal dealings with all these companies and they are all meeting the standards I have dedicated myself to for the past 40 Years.

I will be happy to help with any or all the above companies to ensure your satisfaction.

I can be Emailed at         info@leogingras.com